Bletchley Park is the home of the Codebreakers who helped shorten World War 2 by two years, saving thousands of lives, by breaking the Germans’ Enigma Machine encoded messages.

Their branding, originally designed by Rose, London, is quiet and cryptic in tone. Rockfall Creative brought that style to life, with text which formed on screen with an engaging, ghostly motion.

The image of the boy amongst the Colossus computers, decrypting code to reveal “It happened here”, was animated so that he approaches the viewer and his discovery appears with an eye-catching flash of light in the darkness.

The sequence was developed from a static image we created for an earlier range of posters and displays, designed to give Bletchley a more engaging image, communicating the character of their offering in an enticing way.

We also produced a wide range of large format posters for the station, highlighting Euston’s proximity to the heritage site which was once ‘Britain’s best kept secret’.